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The SHUNFA TOUPEE customer evaluation

I’m a salon owner and I ordered this black hair piece for myself to test before choosing more. I just want to say that we are extremely happy with this toupee.

We ordered a hair system is lace with pu and mono in the top.  The piece had good hair quality. Additionally, the Mono in center pulls out extremely easily which causes the piece to appear completely and breathable.

It continues to keep loose human hair, amounts of hair daily. Well the density is a little bit heavy, it is saying medium density maybe my hair is thinner but it’s okay cause I could cut it by myself. So do you.

This was a very difficult decision to make without having the item, men toupee, matching my head perfectly. It was exactly what I needed. And it looked great so that no one could even notice it.

I've been a hair wearer for 9 years this factory not the best but suits me very well, especially the virgin lace in front. But as for the PU you may use tape or glue. End of all,it worth a serious try.


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How to buy order hair piece from Shunfa Hair Factory?
Shunfahair Provides toupees, wigs, and hair extensions. Do both stock men toupees and custom toupee orders. And we also have huge stocks for immediately post.
What is the Bleached Hair?
Bleached knots are currently the best method or A bleached knot is currently the best method.
Different knot types on skin bases
I found many clients do not know the subtle of skin pieces very well. Also I haven't seen a lot of clarity on is V-looped hair, injected and single knoted hair. Whether you are wholesaler or user, it's very important to know the differences for them. If