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What are the main advantages and disadvantages of toupee?

All I wanna say is that we are extremely happy with this full french lace toupee. We ordered a dark brown even though i believe my son is med brown but the dark brown matched perfectly. We also really needed a toupee much smaller then a 6×8 but it still works for him and makes him feel better about himself as he is a sophomore in highschool and sufferers from humanitarianism and bald at the top of his head. I'm sure we could have something customized for him with a perfect fit but using the tape is doing the trick of keeping it secure. We also plan on sewing some hair clips in if its possible in which i think will work. Delivery was on time and all the way around happy customer. I'm hoping forit to last this whole school year ' oh and yes we had it cut with his hairstyle


1- Meets all cases of definitive or medium / long-term baldness (such as alopecia androgenic, Escalope Areata, scar alopecia, effluvium, trichotillomania and patients in chemotherapeutic treatment);
2- The result is immediate;
3- The price is lower than that the of hair implant;
4- Although it is not final, it is a long-term solution;
5- It allows the user to perform all the daily activities without restrictions (such as practicing sports, swimming the pool or in the sea, bathing, sleeping and styling the hair);
6- It is not a surgical procedure;
7- NOT AGAINST THE HEALTH (except in cases of allergy to any of the materials used, which is rare, since the components of the prosthetics and maintenance products are mostly hypoallergenic);
8- If the result is not satisfactory, the procedure is completely reversible.


A- Requires Periodic maintenance;
B- Some models of higher quality and more natural results tend to be more expensive.

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Shunfahair Provides toupees, wigs, and hair extensions. Do both stock men toupees and custom toupee orders. And we also have huge stocks for immediately post.
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