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How to Look Good in a Hair Piece?

A toupee can be a great boost for a man losing his hair. It can give you back your confidence and make you look younger. But there is nothing worse than a bad toupee. If people can tell that you're wearing one, it's bad. With the right kind of tape, the proper fit and good materials used in the toupee, you can look good in a hairpiece.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1:

Set a realistic budget for a good toupee. The best kinds are made from human hair because they look more realistic. A good human hair toupee can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands dollars, but prices start from here,you can get very nice price.

Step 2:

Get fitted for your hairpiece. You will end up looking better if the toupee is fitted to your head shape by a professional.

Step 3:

Comb your toupee in a natural hairstyle. If it comes with a part that doesn't suit your face, then mess it up a little to look more natural. What kind of Glue or tape should I choose?

If you want a 1-6 week hold, you will want to purchase the Ultra Hold glue or the Safe Grip Wig Glue. For a 1-10 day hold the Minty Titer is best. Some prefer the ease of rolling on tape adhesive. Or use glue in the front hair line and tape in the back.

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How to buy orders?
Shunfahair Provides toupees, wigs, and hair extensions. Do both stock men toupees and custom toupee orders. And we also have huge stocks for immediately post.
What is the Bleached Hair?
Bleached knots are currently the best method or A bleached knot is currently the best method.
Different knot types on skin bases
I found many clients do not know the subtle of skin pieces very well. Also I haven't seen a lot of clarity on is V-looped hair, injected and single knoted hair. Whether you are wholesaler or user, it's very important to know the differences for them. If