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· Natrual graduated hairline with undetectable knot
· 8000 pieces stock units with different base ready for immediately post
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Shunfa men toupees
Ever wondered how celebrities like Tyra and Beyonce manage to always have perfect hair?
The secret is their wig! Now, you too can have hair like a superstar but at the fraction of the price.
A HairNature wig is the most undetectable wig on the market.
Made out of invisible lace,with all hair perfectly knotted,it can be styled in any fashion and parted anywhere giving you endless styling possibilities.
Because we use only the finest human hair, hairpiece will never fade and will give years of beauty with proper care.
As one of the leading supplier,we keep a big stock for your choice.
More than 3000 stock wigs ready for immediate shipment!
There must be one wig satisifying you.
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How to buy order hair piece from Shunfa Hair Factory?
Email or via Tel +86 13589341657 (Whatsapp). Shunfa hair provides toupees, wigs, and hair extensions. Do both stock men toupees and custom toupee orders. And we also have huge stocks for immediately post.
What is the Bleached Hair?
Bleached knots are currently the best method or A bleached knot is currently the best method.
Different knot types on skin bases
I found many clients do not know the subtle of skin pieces very well. Also I haven't seen a lot of clarity on is V-looped hair, injected and single knoted hair. Whether you are wholesaler or user, it's very important to know the differences for them. If